So for the 5th time I have failed to get my drivers licience! Im so angry and mad at the fact that I just can't get over this hump…My friend let me use her car but won't give me the chance to practice in it at all. The thing that killing me is that I just want to succeed in life and this crappy "stay with me anxiety" Won't let me do what i have to…I have kids i take care of my husband who is ill, why anxiety why do you always have to ruin my life all the time! I don't know if i can curse on here but i am so furious at the fact that I can't just do stuff the "Normys" can do. I know I would be a wounderful asset to some growing company out there or an awesome Criminal Profilier for some department but, NOOOOO!!!!! I have to deal with constent worry so I can't pass a simple test!!!!!!!You know anxiety Sucks so badly!!!!I hate it and I wish I could just go back to my maker, and get a refund for this shitty thing they call life!!!!!! I feel like Im not allowed to move forward or that there is people in the way or that i have to try harder then everyone else all the time….I don't want to have to do everything hard all the time I want me to be able to have it natreul like the norm…To study and know that i wont forget, to go outside and not feel so "Unsafe" to have the endless amount of energy to play with my kids….I can't even sleep at night with out waking up paraniod all the time…Im with a good man for once in my life but I can't just turn the snooze button on and go to sleep like normal. I've been driving for almost 6 years and not a problem at all…I CAN DRIVE…but I can't get my licience becouse its a test and that just ruins a lot for me…Some one please give me some tips that I can use to help me, so i can finally press the start button on my new life that is a hair away from me..I mean cognitive help please:(

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  1. Wouldbesoldier 11 years ago

    5 times is too many…I don\'t want to keep spending endless amounts of money on a \”try\”…This is bull i should have had it by now.

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