by Carrie Hart

Look down into your hand. See the key within it, lying there, sparkling and glowing in the light. The key that unlocks all of the secrets. The key that opens all of the doors. It is right in the palm of your hand. What does it mean to continually learn? It means that doors continually open. It means that each day, each moment, you hold a new key to a new door. The doors are opening continually..

It may seem difficult and overwhelming to you, the rate at which the world changes. You feel that you have just begun to understand something and already it is gone from sight, with something new taking its place..

But the human heart does not change. The human heart is deep and endless, with layers and layers to be discovered, and the journey into your own heart and that of others has been made by many before you and will be made by many more after your own journey is complete. And this key, the key to the mysteries of the human heart, is also lying in the palm of your hand..

Every feeling you have is shared. It is all a part of the experience that all have. And as you find ways to express your experience, true ways, deep ways, you will find a resonance among others who are at the same stage of experience as you are. You will find a kinship and resonance as you reach out with your newfound knowledge and help a few others take the step with you or just behind you. And they will also take their keys and open doors, some for you and some for themselves..

Even though you may feel alone, this journey is never made alone. Traveling with you are many who are experiencing the same thing. There is a group energy that is felt and shared in everything that you do. Every crack in your own heart that you heal, heals the hearts of others. The expression of true love that you share lifts everyone to a higher level. Every discovery you make about your own soul enlightens all. Every song you sing that lifts your spirits, lifts the spirit of all humanity, even though you may think that you sing it alone..

You are deeply connected to all that is, right now, right where you are, even though you may think you are alone. You are not alone, ever. Your experience is a part of the experience of all of life. And the evolution of all mankind is aided by your personal evolution..

It is not selfish to focus on your own enlightenment, for everything you discover, every door you open, is then made available for everyone else to walk through as well. Every dream of love that you have is another way for all to dream, another way for all to be. Every kind act and kind thought, every breath of peace felt deep, lifts all who breathe. Every moment spent in meditation or pure contemplation is a moment of peace shared by all who seek peace..

Your beauty, your song, your kind thoughts and deeds are immensely important to all. They float into the ether and touch all of life. They enter into the vast consciousness of being and make everything that much brighter forever. And nothing is more important than that key put into your hand each day at dawn, so that you may open a new door that only you can see at this moment, as a great opening for all mankind..

Open something, some small new thing. A new breath of peace. An allowance, an acceptance, an appreciation, a beauty. Love this moment with all of your heart. Let its newness shine within you, let its peace unfold in your heart and the entire universe is lifted by your action, your thought, your gesture. Look in your hand… Which door shall you open for us all today?


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