I’m hanging on by a thread,
I often wish that I was dead,
I’m choking on the questions are you okay?
When I just nod and leave when the answer is no not in any way,
I stand by my friends when I wish I was standing on a chair,
With a rope around my neck as if it was only fair,
The cards I’ve been dealt in life seems like a bad deck,
I stop and think It’ll be okay but wait, reality check,
I have no friends I have no family I know no love at all,
I can’t help it that I continue to break and fall,
Farther and farther into the darkness hidden inside,
Let me let go I’ve begged and I’ve cried,
Your words always seem to be haunting me,
Like an echo in my mind, they repeat you see,
You think it’s just words but they’re making me bleed,
All that’s left is the shell of myself no refund Guaranteed,
can’t return it to the store because there’s nothing left,
No longer do I believe the human race is blessed,
Don’t expect me to hide my pain,
when it’s you making it constantly rain,
The blood pours down to the shores,
You’re always saying more and more,
So explain to me what am I for?
If not to beat and hit and break,
If not to be given a constant heartache,
Explain to me dear lord above,
Or finally set me free and turn my spirit to a dove.
  1. secretlifeofname 1 year ago

    Your writing is beautiful, please don’t give up. Keep writing and save them. Make a book. You’re very talented.

    1 kudos
  2. deadsoulx 1 year ago

    honey , your poems are wonderfully beautiful and deep!!- they have so much meaning- publish them , please!

    1 kudos

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