I’ve been dealing with a lot lately and I can’t come to my senses to run away from everything, but running away seems stupid and such a idiotic choice. How can I continue especially when I have tortures nightmares 2 or more times each night.

I need some help, just give me some suggestions on what I should do please

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  1. wagingwar 2 years ago

    I’m sorry you’re having nightmares. I know how hard they can be to deal with and how they can affect your sleep. I’ve found that setting a routine up can help. Set your bedroom up as kind of like a sanctuary. Make it a safe place. Have things handy that bring you comfort. Maybe a special blanket or even a stuffed animal. Do little things to relax before bedtime. You could meditate or do progressive muscle relaxation. Even coloring. Remind yourself that you’re safe and write it out if you can. If they continue or get worse maybe think about talking with a therapist and they can help – they have different methods to help with nightmares

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