I cannot believe what is going on. again. I had back surgery in 2001 and that was such an awful surgery not long after that I had gall bladder removed. I had my deformed foot operated on last year also. I have been suffering from severe pain in my legs/ elbow and back and my knee. The knee thing is really effecting me now as It is causing extreme shooting pain at times when I go walking which has me apprehensive about walking / exercising. I used to be so in shape. but on and off recoveries have made it hard to keep that up.

My intentions are there. I needed a break from a surgery I hate recovery and pain associated with that. But since my knee is serious pain now I decided to go get checked out. My hips I thought were also hurting me I found out the reason for this pain is I have severe arthritis in my knee and very bad in my lower back in around the place I had back surgery before. This is so disappointing to find out At least if it was a tendon or a muscle I could do pt or something. But I have to look forward to a knee surgery very soon and see how long I can endure the pain my arthritis is causing me in my spine before I pursue that. I dont have anyone to take care of me or help me. I cant afford to pay someone and make too much money to qualify for help, I have family but they all have jobs .. I live alone and really and not sure how to handle this. All I can see is surgery recovery pain again.. the pain has been constant now for about 7 months.

Feeling helpless

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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    Hi sweetheart…I can relate to all your pain I've been thru several surgeries myself and have chronic pain in so many areas, it's all listed on my home page if you want to look but I thought if  you needed someone to talk to about it that understands then let me know I'm always around to mail or talk to….hang in there sweetie…

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