After I first found out about my status. I tol some friends of a selection and my main objective was tht I didn't want to tell my siblings yet. I tol my mom about everything and how it came about well she don't wanna have anything to do wit my fiancée. I respect her decision. Well bac to my friends, this one ex friend of mine works wit me sister on the midnight shift. She confronted my sister and tol her that she had somthing to tell her well it was my status and asked my sister if she knew, and went on to say how she don't like my decision to still be in a relationship. And that she thought that she should know jus incase she decided to drink after me. First that was not right of her to tell anybody I cilonfided in her, so my sister took it very hard and and is now a little disappointed cause I didn't confide in her first,,, I tol her I shouldve but I knew my family would have my bac regardless. So I confronted the ex friend and the only reason she could come up was she thought tht I need all the support I could get……. I simply stated to her that it was not her decisions to appoint anybody to have my back and be supportive and my family is my family and my decision on ending my relationship wit her is merely because she couldn't respect my decision to keep quiet. I was the one to sit my siblings down and have this talk… My baby sister feels this individual tried to hurt her and was waiting on her to breakdown… She also said she tol her to educate herself on the disease and she worried about drinking behind people… That she should check her status first before judging others….


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