I just got home from a religious counseling and confession. I met a spirited priest named Fr. Jose Sander Niez. Then i discovered how much i like this priest.

1. Is being gay a sin?

-No. It is in your nature. You are born that way. (He quoted lady gaga… oh i wonder… is he a fan?).

2. Then why is it persecuted by the Catholic church?

It is not, (Then he quoted Lady Gaga, “You are born this way”). You are following your will with is a gift from God that you should cherish and celebrate. The Church in its nature is divine but the church is comprised of the people at church and the Church that is the legacy of Jesus our Lord. Therefore, part of the church is human and is prone to error and sin. Jesus did not come to persecute but to save us. Persecution is totally against the nature of the church but is a natural tendency for Humanity. In fact “thou shalt not lie.” which is one of the ten commandments has corrupted men throughout history and liers aren’t persecuted by society as much as Homosexuals are. It is the nature of man to persecute that is at fault. God is love and he recognize love in every form.

3. So is the act OK?

No. It is a sin because any sexual act outside marriage is sin. This includes, premarital sex, extra marital sex, prostitution, orgies, etc. Premarital sex is as much as a sin as two guys having sex. Even married couples when the act is done without the consent of the other is a sin.

4. Why is sex outside of marriage a sin.

Because God wants to preserve the sanctity of the act as purely an expression of respect, care, love, and pleasure of his gift and most importantly, for the propagation of the human race. However, in a homosexual relationship marriage is not yet recognized so it is not an option, therefore, keeping the sexual act between lovers a sin. Love between same sex may have all or even more elements than a heterosexual relationship but one important element or purpose of sex is missing, procreation. But god is all forgiving. He allows some margin of error and sin. He added, Jesus was even thought to be gay by some scholars because of his relationship with his apostles, especially the two brothers and Peter. He even said that this love is homosexual but is not expressed trough sex but of love and respect. A homosexual relationship or any relationship whatsoever should not be focused on our penises and vaginas. When we look at the world through our sexual organs, we limit ourselves and fail to see the true essence of a relationship.

5. Is my condition (HIV Positive) a punishment?

Definitely not. Rather, it is a test. Yours however maybe a more difficult than others but the more difficult the test, the more closer it gets us to God when we ace it. God wants you to come to him and not fear this condition as a punishment that may drive you away from him, rather, a test that will bring you closer to the kingdom of God.

Then I made my confession which you could read on my post before this. And he said or quoted from a Saint.

The sum-total of our sinfulness can never surpass the greatness and mercy of God.

And he absolved my sins and gave me my penance, to pray “The Apostle’s Greed”.

Thank you father. Only God knows how much you’ve helped me.


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