I feel as ifI'm going to have to start a class to train HIV+ guys on how to date……Seriously! I can't comprehend how these stories by yourself (AtLast) and other women happen. I am a long term survivor, was married for a looong time, got divorced last year & separated at the end of 2009. When I got back into the dating "scene" I couldn't believe the horror stories – & it happens on both sides. I have said it before many times, just because your positive it doesn't mean the rules of dating go out the window. I was literally dating new women all the time & I think there are a few rules I can sugest to help out. 1) Be Honest – If someone doesn't interest you for dating be honest and if they are cool enough keep them as friends & let them know thats what they are! 2) Only try to date ONE woman at a time! I debated making this number one; but its very true that you can't gauge how a new relationship might be if you are "playing the field". I swear to you women know when your lying or bullsh*tting them & girls we know it too! 3) My final rule is date to have fun and DO NOT EXPECT SEX. If you actually try to take someone out and have a great time you'll be surprised how often you'll end up in bed at the end of the night. But if you show up expecting it – well I don't know where that concept came from. I was never at a loss for physical companionship & I can honestly ay I never once expected it. 4) Finally & this might be the hardest rule for guys to learn – Be cool & be yourself! Trying to be someone who you think they want will screw up your chances to date. You will be surprised how being laid back, original & fun will get you dates time and time again! That is honestly the secret to my success. I'm not the best looking dude or the richest. I'm just me, very honest, fun & loyal & I never bullsh*tted anyone……Ironically I wasn't looking to fall in love – even though I have & will be marrying on Nov.11, 2011 to the love of my life. It just happened. I believe that if I was desperately looking for it that it never would've happened at all. Good Luck – B


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