Ah, the therapeutic power of "Milo & Otis!" The great amount of animal mistreatment that probably contributed to the creation of that movie not-withstanding, how can the gauntlet of glumness not be shattered by one viewing? Nothing like animals being themselves (and reacting awkwardly to unusual situations they’ve been put in by their handlers with the cameras rolling) to bring forth a laugh.


Interesting (depending on who you are) tidbit about Milo & Otis…There was a Japanese version in 1986, and THEN the version we know, narrated by Dudley Moore, in 1989. Given the fact I\’m not used to Tokyo accents being imbued upon animal characters, and the fact that I wouldn\’t understand a word of it, I think watching the Japanese version would be highly amusing. New thing added to my bucket list…acquire and watch REPEATEDLY "Japanese Milo & Otis."


Anyway.  My other to-do is to find out about becoming a burden of the state. Yes, I want to apply for medicare, or at least Missouri ADAP (if Missouri has an ADAP program). I\’ve got insurance through my job, but I find it highly unappealing that I may have to keep the same job for my entire life simply to keep the insurance. I got into the family business right after being diagnosed, and the main goal at the time was to get me insured before any major treatment needs would arise. Ever since then, I\’ve just been enslaved by the idea that, although the family business doesn\’t enlist any of the skills I possess, I\’m locked in for life! And not to mention I might want to pick a less time consuming job and go back to school.


Ah, long windedness…So, if anyone knows anything helpful about ADAP or Medicare, your input would be invaluable.


And please, do yourself a favor and watch Milo & Otis. This therapy is most effective when you sing along to the theme song at the beginning and end of the film.


"Gonna take a walk outside today, gonna see what we can find today…"




  1. Loki 13 years ago

    I have just one thing to say: P.E.T.A!

    lol…thanks for the tidbit about Milo and Otis…It  sounds ljust like my brand of humor. The only thing I like better is humans reacting awkwardly to unusual situations! btw,I wonder if I can find it on you-tube?

    anyways, thanks!



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  2. j_powell01 13 years ago

    Love Milo and Otis…I own it on VHS…I know come into the 21st century.lol As to the main reason for your blog, I would recommend attempting medicare. I don’t know if you have a Health Department Social Worker, but thy are a valuble resourse in finding "gray" areas. It is all in the presentation. I would go down to your local Social Services Department, pick up the application, then sek some assistance through the Health Department. I would be interested to discover what you find out. J

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