Is anyone else in disapproval of all these e-books and e-readers?? Personally, I\'ve always enjoyed the feeling of holding a book in my hand and being able to turn the pages as I read. The library is probably my favorite place in the world. I love that it\'s so quiet and you\'re surrounded by shelf after shelf of books. In a predicted 5-10 years, those shelves will have been replaced with rows of computers to be used by the public and e-readers attatched to tables by extendable cords. The library will no longer be a quiet place to visit. It will sound more like an office building with people clicking and typing frantically on their devices.


This is what I found out from a professor the other day. All my life, I have wanted to get a Library Science degree so I could go on to be a librarian or even just a librarian\'s assistant. I\'ve shadowed one several times and fell in love with the concept of the job. Now, the career outlook has changed and rather than managing books, librarians are predicted to manage 100% of the library\'s contents from a single computer behind their desk. The job title is likely to change as well, as the degree will encompass mostly technology sciences.


Book stores are closing down all over the place out here and it\'s really sad to me. Personally, I think technology [entertainment-wise] has advanced far enough. Until it\'s absolutely necessary, a break wouldn\'t be such a bad idea. Instead of finding a way to make it possible for people to enjoy a full-length film while they\'re driving, I think it\'s about time to focus on advancing technology ina way that benefits medicine or education. I\'ve become disgusted with the world\'s advances. What happened to slowing down and enjoying nature? Instead everything\'s speeding up. Everyone wants to have the fastest cell phones, they want to do everything on the go, or a single device has to be able to supply them with everything they need to live other than food, utilities, and clothing.


What do you think? Is it time for technology to take a break?


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