These are various passages from a book by Norman Vincent Peale

A person who dislikes himself because of guilt or inferiority feelings will
often try to escape painful awareness of this condition by "taking it out on
other people." He projects is self-dislike upon others. It is significant that
the commandment which begins, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor," concludes with
"as thyself" (Leciticus 19:18). If you do not have a normal measure of esteem
for yourself, you cannot genuinely like other people. Self-dislike is an
enormous obstacle in developing or maintaining good relationships.

The tough-minded optimist takes a positive attitude toward a fact. He sees
it realistically, just as it is, but he sees something more. He views it as a
challenge to his intelligence, to his ingenuity and faith. He seeks insight and
guidance in dealing with the hard fact. He keeps on thinking. He knows there
is an answer and finally he finds it. Perhaps he changes the fact, maybe he
just bypasses it, or perhaps he learns to live with it. But in any case his
attitude toward the fact has proved more important than the fact itself.

Stronger than willpower is imagination. The word might be pronounced
image-ing. This means the projection of mental images or pictures of a desired
outcome. A basic fact of human nature is the tendency to become like that which
we habitually imagine

The process of tranquilizing the mind is important in assuring a condition
of body, mind and spirit that will induce perfect rest. Deliberately conceive
of the mind as completely quiet, like the surface of a pond on which there is
not even a ripple. Picture the mind as motionless and filled with deep
quietness. Think silence until an atmosphere of silence seems to surround you.
Suggest tranquil ideas to the mind, remembering that your thoughts respond to
suggestion. Slowly, deliberately image peace at the center.

(image) ourselves as being. The deeply held mental image
tends to realize itself in fact. If you visualize a goal and hold it firmly in
consciousness, the mind has a tendency to complete the image.

Dear Jesus, as You healed people in te long ago and gave them peace, heal me
now, please, Give me fully thy forgiveness, Help me to forgive myself. Seperate
me from all my sins an d let me know that You do not hold them against me. Set
me free from them. Then let Thy peace flow into my mind, in to my soul and into
my body. Amen

Affirmative Prayers Release Powers By Which Positive Results Are Accomplished.

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