So along with dealing with OCD every, I have been going to the doctor because of other issues with my digestive system. I started running a year ago and the last 6-9 months ago I started having troubles with digestive issues. Gee try to be healthy and something unhealthy starts to happen. I have now seen 2 doctors and of course, they tell me that they know something is going on, but can't quite figure out what. They believe me when I tell them that I'm sure it's not my OCD causing the problem, thankful for that, because some doctors that I've seen, just chalk everything up to OCD. So have had tests after tests and then the specialist decided to clean me out because one of the CT scans I had done showed that my colon and intestines were literally full of "crap". So I had my colonoscopy done last July trying to figure out if something was wrong and if anyone out there has had one, they know the prep for the test is much worse than the test itself. Well, I got to do the prep again, without having to do the colonoscopy. So for the last two days, between the prep, and my OCD, my anxiety is at a 15 on a scale of 1-10. I now get to take a Mirulax, a laxative, and Benefiber every day, possibly for the rest of my life to try to regulate me. I am doing this for the next month for sure and if it works, this will be what I will be doing forever. If it doesn't work, we start over to try something else or new tests. I don't know which I'm hoping for because I don't want to have to take additional "meds" every day along with the meds that I have to take for my OCD every day for the rest of my life. Getting older—kind of sucks!!!

  1. giru 9 years ago

    wow, I feel sorry for you . My mum has a colonoscopy every year because bowl cancer runs in the family , I know what the preps like 🙁  I'm supposed to go once I turn 21 , not really looking forward to it. It sucks to have to be taking meds, but look on the bright side there could be no cure at all and we'd all be screwed. I know it's not really that great a cheer up , just trying to be optimistic 🙂

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  2. Kona 9 years ago

    Thanks giru, every little bit of encouragement always helps.  🙂

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