I really have so much appreciation n gratitude to all that have given me so much support n comfort . AMAZING !!

I am just going to get this off my mind since I have had so much support n concern about my last blog .

July 5 , I had what seemed to be a normal but over due mammogram . My results came back n showed abnormalities . So I had to reschedule another mammogram but with more extensive imaging , 2 – 90 degree ,2 – 45 degree n 2 – 35 degree angle imagings . The compression plates came in various sizes too. After all said n done they had to do an ultrasound n after all that squeezing and pulling a freakin' ultrasound even was painful.

So as I am half naked lying on this table n the Radiologist came in she told me that I have a 3mm nodule n mass near my left nipple that needs to have more testing . I couldn't believe that this could be true or even happening . So as you may know I am consumed with stress and fear . The irony of the fear part was that I truly believed that nothing in life could ever let me feel fear again . I was wrong !

Thursday I will see my PCP n my wonderful n experienced Casemanager which has just recovered from her own dilemma of a tumor on her brain will be letting me know the next steps in this process .

I will be quite honest I am not looking forward to a needle being stuck any where near my nipple or breast ,but what has to be , has to be .

The whole thought of this is just so creepy , stressful n consuming most of my thoughts which is crazy but I have so much to be GRATEFUL FOR !!!!

I will be honest n human , I am expecting the worse but HOPING  for the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!

My life will gone on as planned , College [Aug 25] yay ! N my career plans for my future .

I just have to say one last thing …………

YOU ALL ROCK FOR ALL THE CONCERN N PRAYERS I HAVE RECIEVED , I have so much appreciation , gratitude n respect for you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

p.s. I will let everyone who cares , know my updates on this too.



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