I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that replied to my last blog. Your words where so thoughtful and has apparently made an inpact because today I feel much more calm. I do think think my anxiety issues must stem from my husband loosing some hrs. at work. I thought long and hard about were there must be a trigger, and as reluctant as I may feel to say this, I do think it might be my husband. (Not so much in a bad way i guess.) but I do seem to rely on him more than I thought I did and when I started to feel a loss of that suppport( financially) I think that might have been the trigger. The one thing I noticed is that my pannic attacks seem to always start around 11am. Strangely enough I made the connection that that is when My husband takes his lunch break and usually calls to informs me if there was anything new going on with the state of his company and if the hrs have changed. I dont know why i did not make this connection before. I think i was associating anxiety too much with emotional triggers. I think its because my husband supports me soo muuch emotionally i never thought the trigger could be the sudden lack of support physically. I reminded my self that I have been through worse times all by my self emotionally and financially  and that i do  not need to rely on my husband so much, and I am happy to report that so far today I have been spared of any pannic attacks. Well so far, I still have not left the house today and need to do some grocery shopping now. wish me luck! and Thanks again for all the support!

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  1. Lamia 14 years ago

    Good Luck and keep your chin up. I hope that things get better for you and your family.

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