And i'm still trugging along. I've only lost a few pounds due to personal reasons, sickness and stress. Ugh. Well, I have done something really good for myself this past week. I have been organizing , making a bag for goodwill, cleaning up all the crap i've accumulated over the past few years. When i do this it is like the spring cleaning of my brain, only not in spring. I always get into this mode when i am on a serious mission to change and improve things. To add to my mission, i have started a new therapy for my back dissability. It's called Viniyogatherapy and i shiz you not, when the man says you will f eel relief the first time you do it, he is NOT messing around. I couldn't beleive my sciatic leg pain was completely gone after 30 min of back strengthening exercises that were so easy and relaxing to do. I'm officially in love with this therapy.  Also, i have finally gotten into Vocational rehabilition, which will hopefully get me into a job that my back and mind can handle. The plan is taking a while to go through as i have requested more help. They didn't offer much in the way of my back help and i'm trying to see if i can get them to find me a driving instructor. It is all geered into getting me into work so i thought i'd at least ask. I hope they help. I'm feeling progress…slowly but surely i think the weight loss will follow. 🙂 I got really sick with some kind of viral infection last week and that got rid of about 6 pounds of water weight. lol Does that count for a weightloss? :p I ate like a starved bum for a week. I couldn't even stand the sight of food and had to literally force it down my throat. Right before I got sick, i had quite the emotional rollercoaster with a sad conclusion, but i have learned from the experience, which is all that really matters to me.  Then my appetite came back with a vengeance and i'm already eating one of my big weaknesses near halloween, Candy Corn! lol UGH So many temptations. Hope everyone is well. 🙂


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