As I lay in my bed he taps on my feet


fear engulfs my being

for I know the meaning

he’s warning me again

about the tormentor coming to sin

I get out of  bed and run to the hole in the attic

the place I go while my heart races from the panic

I wait for the sound

my body is bound

by the fear

he is there

in my room

he will come to look for me soon

I take a breath and hold it in deep

hoping he will go back asleep

I hear him cursing as he heads back to his room

the memories of nights before loom

he is gone for now

my head I bow

and weep

for yet another night I will not sleep

when will he go away

when will I sleep a day

without the fear he will touch me

why won’t he let me be

for the tormentor will sin again

this is the way its always been

I will never be clean

from the sights I’ve seen

I wish I could vanish in air

instead I will remain here in fear

intill my tormentor is in his grave

my sanity will not be saved












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