The picture is close up of the decoration above my closet doors! I might 💗 love butterflies 🦋! It goes all the way across with different color butterflies and yellow lights mixed with the vine!

We just returned from grocery shopping for last minute items.   We decided to make peach cobbler and wanted non alcohol apple cider as well.

Now, I wear a disposable mask with a cloth on top in public verses just cloth! It isn’t ideal but every thing that I can do to prevent getting the Covid is worth it.   I like just wearing a cloth mask 😷 better!

Funny but true, I didn’t know the back of my dress was tucked into my panty hose in the store until I was checking out.  A kind female told me!

Men kept coming up to me while shopping and saying “hi honey.”   I was puzzled.  It makes sense  now!

I was wearing a boy short style under clothes item under my hose so it wasn’t as awkward as it could of been   I am thankful for this fact.

We stopped by two stores to find the mini light strands and more fake craft 🦋 butterflies! It took two stores to find canned peaches!

Pink lady and Gala apples were on sale so I bought both! They are on the decorative 3 layer platter holder now all washed up.

Here is the recipe for homemade fruit and veggie wash    Mostly water on a bowl add vinegar and baking soda   When it fizzes like soda put in fruit or veggies! I like washing off dirt, pesticides and hopefully Covid 19 if it can actually live on surfaces    I don’t know but it doesn’t hurt to try to do what you can!

It is raining here and our adult children are all off from work  tomorrow! It doesn’t work that normally!

My favorite lip moisturizer flavors are  now lemon / vanilla , sweet orange and watermelon    I am burned out on wild cherry 🍒 flavor.

I have the fireplace going and am five minutes away from my intermittent eating food cut off for the night!

I hope that everyone is safe, healthy and content this evening.  Sweet dreams!  😴








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