I am super sad.  I woke to find the tribe had changed.  There is no longer a chat room.  My page, which was decorated to cheer people up, is gone.  I understand change is inevatable. I have always struggled with it.  I have a lot of stress and a lot of changes happening in a short period of my life and find I am really struggling with it.  Now I have no way to chat with my friends.   Ive tried to navigate the tribe.  I heard you could mood track and other things but I am having a hard time finding anything.  I guess I will have to keep trying.  I was able to hook up with one friend on facebook.  I guess that will have to be good enough for now.  I am sure I will learn how to message my other friends.  We might have sold our house.  We are waiting on the inspection.  We also put a bid on another one.  It is only a three bedroom and I was looking for four bedrooms.  It is really nice compared to this place we are selling.  If we get this house it will keep the kids in the same school district and same neighborhood.  It is super stressful.  My therapist said it is right up there with death in the stress factor.  I know we are bettering ourselves but the process is taking a toll on me.  My mind is always spinning.  I am scared of all the what ifs.  I am super tense and cant seem to relax.  The one good thing is I was able to stop showing it.  Having strangers invade my comfort zone was killing me.  Having to leave two or three times a day with the dog and all the kids was driving me crazy.  It was too hot to leave the dog in the van.  I had no where i could take him to let him run free that was close by.  We would just drive around the block and sit on the corner waiting for them to leave.  We have been looking and looking for a new house.  If we did find four bedrooms in our price range the place would be run down and would need so much work.  We were hoping for some acres.  But we gave up on that idea quickly.  We discovered you could find some pretty nice houses with three bedrooms.  House that were move in ready and not needing massive repairs.  We were approved to build a house but we were so scared that there would be too many unforseen expenses that would wipe out all our savings.  I was happy here.  So all this has been quite the chore for me.   I am the one who is handling everything since hubby is at work all day.  At least now I have hope this will all end soon. There is still a ton to do.  But for the next week I can try to relax. Everything is on hold till the inspections.  I also have to wait for a storage shed to finish moving out.  I just keep praying it all goes smoothly.  I am really struggling with my bipolar.  The depression is overwhelming me.  I have no energy to keep up.  I have been making pour choices like drinking more  which i know deep down makes the depression worse.  So this week I am going to get back into some healthy routine.  Do my mood light every morning.  No matter how low I am feeling I will climb on the treadmill.  Even if I only start out ten minutes.  Sit out and soak up some sunny D.  I know those are things that will help if i stick to it. 

  1. epona 5 years ago

    There was a note that chat rooms and IM will be live again soon. 🙂

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  2. telknit23 5 years ago

    Moving, and everything to do with it, is very stressful. I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for you.

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