For those who have known me on here, you would know that I have struggled deeply with harm oand pure o for a few hard hellish years after the birth of my last child. I could barely make it througheach day. My thoughts were so bad I wanted to die. I tried meds and therapy, books , mediation and although they helped, I struggled so badly. Then- a light bulb went off. My body, my brain- I wasn't really taking as good of care of myself as I thought. I watched a few great documentaries and I was hooked- on clean, heathyeating. When we think of all the pesticides and toxics in our foods, not to mention diet and sugar free products… wonder we are all so sick. Now, I am no doctor and I no not know everything that's for sure, I know ocd has many causes – but I got myself a juicer and blender andcut out meat and almost every product made from animals. I am eating tonnes of fresh whole foods, nuts, good home made meals. I cut out diet pop and sugar free gum….. I am jucing cucumbers and lemons and pineapple and Swiss chard and collard greens and ginger….. And I. Am.Getting. Better. The micro nutrients from the juices and healthy fatsfrom the nuts…. Something is changing in me. It's been a few months, so it's not that I am just obsessed with a new idea, it's working. I am thinking way more clear, and I still have thoughts and urges about harm here and there, but there were like a wildfire and now, they are contained. Not as powerful. I keep waiting for the usual thoughts to scare me, but they just don't pack the punch like they used to and I can't fakethat. Please look into good organic whole foods. I know it can be expensive but when you cut out mind fogging lattes and steaks…. The money is used better. Plus I have lost some weight and I have a glow that everyone is noticing . This is just my advice, you don't have to take it- but a lot of you helped me on here in my darkest hours and I figured I should pass this on. Love, Momma xo

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  1. rainingoctober 8 years ago

    You are taking more interest in your self and self worth. I have just started therapy but am already learning we have to focus on our own well being first and foremost. So, good for you!! Keep it up!

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