I've been talking to this guy for 3 weeks (Elijah), we haven't met yet but we were pretty keen on eachother i think and were going to meet tomorrow (Saturday). On Wednesday night, a mate of mine (Stu) came over to see me and we chilled and talked heaps but we ended up hooking up and did some other things but didn't go all the way if you get me? Anyway we both were shocked it happened and it didn't mean anything serious to either of us. I didn't think i would tell Elijah because it didn't mean anything to me and I didn't think Elijah and I were that serious. I told my bestfriend (Bryce) and he continuously made me feel bad and he's also good mates with Elijah. He was saying things like i'm not going to tell him but i won't put up with it if it happened again. I understood where he was coming from but he could have phone s*x with me and send me photos while he has a girlfriend and never told her. I was so confused how he could make me feel like that when he done it himself and never told his girlfriend. Elijah and I aren't even going out… So i told Elijah and he told me that it will take a while for us to go back to where we were and that i could come and see him but it won't be the same to what it would of been before. He said we're still friends but not the way we were before and that it will take a while for it to get back there. I'm so confused because I don't know why he's being this way when it's only been like 3 weeks and we've never met.. He never gave me any indication that he liked me and didn't want me to get with other guys whether it meant anything or not. I'm the kind of girl that has to be told things bluntly otherwise i won't understand.

I don't know what to do whether i should confront him about how i feel, because i don't know whether i can just go back to talking like friends after how i felt about him. I honestly feel like i've lost the best thing that would have happened to me in a long time although we'd never met and i had no real indication of how he actually felt. I know it was my mistake and i suffer the consequences i'm just confused on how he acted this way when i didn't know he was that legit about us..

I was up until 2am crying last night because i hadn't felt so stupid. I self harmed which i haven't done for so long because i felt so low and lost. I felt so alone that my bestfriend made me feel that way and that i lost Elijah. I don't know what to do anymore, Bryce is trying to talk to me but i don't know what to say to him and Elijah said we're still friends but i don't know how to talk to him as friends after how we were before.


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