So I was going to go over to my friend's house this weekend but…. I have come down with something. I believe it's just a cold which doesn't sound bad but my throat is killing me… I have a stuffy nose as well so as you could imagine I got little sleep last night… yay! But then again I should have taken some NyQuil… Tonight I will. Anyways, my friend's little sister gets sick all the time so I thought best not to go over there and risk it. So I cancelled this morning. I felt kind of bad yesterday as well but I thought it was just allergies and that I would feel better by today (what was then tomorrow)… Yeah I feel about 5 times as bad. I wouldn't even be at school if I didn't have to be. I'm not really doing anything today but ya know… it's still important. Well I do have that project. ugh. My throat hurts. I have some tea for nowand eventually I'll get something else later… I can't really talk loudly without it hurting even worst. I don't really like talking at all in all honesty. But I'm at school and I do need to talk sometimes. I just wanna go home and fall asleep…

I feel bad for my rat though. Because I'm sick I can't very well play with him and he's all alone in that little cage. I really don't want to have one of the kids play with him but I may not have a choice. I'm going to boil an egg for him today when I get home and hopefully convience my mother to get us some peas so he can go fishing! I need to get some little wood thingies for him to chew on because so far he has nothing… But I have no money 🙁 And I'm out of tea… crap. I needed that till lunch. Looks like I'm going 2 hours without liquid! Yay!

Got to go. Class is ending!

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  1. Andie372 8 years ago

    Hope you're feeling better. Definitely use the NyQuil.  When will you get some money?  Living on disability is living on poverty.  I live on my husbands good graces.  I am going to school, though, and think Ill be ready to go back to work soon.  

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