You know it truly bothers me to see you hurting and haunted by the events in your life that has caused you to stumble and be brought to your knees emotionally.  I know all I can do is be there for you and share in your suffering although I could never say I know exactly how you feel or what you are going through, for you are the one nearest the pain and suffering from it. I am merely a loving friend wishing to help you through it wanting to see you returned to me. I know that sounds selfish however, something has taken from us both. In your suffering I suffer for you and I also suffer for a special part of you that is lost to me. I desire to do whatever it takes to get things right for you hoping what is lost to me will return of its own accord. I wish I knew exactly what to say or do because I am also lost without the whole of you in my life. The romantic in me would have this figured out and you would be instantly well again, because that is what I strive for with the ones I love. I am confident that you know me for who I am and are uniquely aware of the extent and effort I would expend to ease your pain. If I had the power and the means to lift the pain from you even if I had to take up that pain in order to relieve you of it I would commit to it and graciously carry it for the rest of my life. In this act you would be able to heal, grow, and focus on the things you need. By taking this burden from you, there would never be a doubt in your mind that you are not alone in your suffering and you would know without suspicion that there is one man who is willing to accept this suffering on your behalf. You would know this man, his love, and his compassion for eternity because he sacrificed his comfort out of love for you. You would forever know him; you would recognize him in the dark although there is no light. You would know him in a crowd although every face is turned away. You would feel the presence of his love though he is not near.  You would know this one quiet soul because it was tailored to fit your soul and it is comfortable to you. Sensing this one soul amongst many are not occurrences random; although many souls surround us like ambient light we miss them because of acute blindness. The path set before us is riddled with obstructions place strategically by negative influences distracting us from recognizing those events guiding us through this life as we unknowingly search for that one quiet soul not yet known to us . Although we believe we are in control and looking they are easily missed only to be seen when the need arises within us. To have this unity between two souls without the chaos is a miracle unfamiliar to almost all.  To give up looking for this one soul or turning away from it when it is presented to you also is an obstruction implemented by the negative influences that have penetrated our lives. You are lead to believe by those placed around you that you are not worthy of such a gift and if presented with this gift of the one quiet soul you are to turn it away.


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