This thing says to share your story, does that mean that there is actually a plotline to follow? Does that mean what I have to say holds any sort of  value to anyone else? No it just means that you should put whatever you want to put and on this Friday night as I wait for my Seroquel, or however its spelt, to make me sleepy enough to pass out in my hammock. Yes I sleep in a hammock, because at 29, I can. So accomplished I am, I don’t own a bed. I live at work in the back upstairs room that is also my office. that equates to, free rent in exchange that I’m 24 hr. security. I want to I guess qualify myself in a manner of speaking. I am a addict in recovery, I have I guess depression problems, more so my mood cant figure out what it should be so its like spinning the wheel of price is right but not dollar amounts but a mixed variety of moods and feelings. oh, I get two spins a day at that……if I’m lucky. I’m gay and in September of 2020 was diagnosed with HIV.  I’m also a person who loves to love with a deep hatred for those people who just suck. We all know them, they walk into a room and just start sucking the life from the room. other than those people, I generally, appreciate any and all interactions that end with a contagious smile. As many people, in my opinion, do; I chase happiness. Lately that is almost impossible, seemingly at least. I do find moments of reprieve and believe me I savor those fleeting moments as long as I can. Anyway Meds are kicking in slightly, maybe this is a first or a last. which ever it may be….. nick….out


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