Where to begin. I habitually write my feelings down as a means of healthy relief however I find that lately it does not work as well as it used to. My issues are definitely not huge ones but rather small negative things that happen often enough that it leads to a huge build up of frustration, anxiety and sorrow. Before marriage I lived a life I was proud of I was respected by my parents as well as  my peers. Respect was always a huge part of my family values. Marriage has a way of changing everything you know to be true and right. I have an amazing husband he is thoughtful and caring. My issue as cliched as I it sounds is with my in laws. I am having such a difficult time adjusting to their way of life. They are extremely controlling and intrusive, there is no such thing as privacy in marriage everything is out in the open, my mother in law has issues going out of the house not due to any health issue but just because she doesnt like to drive dont get me wrong if she feels like going shopping then she is fully capable of doing that its just the annoying everyday errands that every person has to do to run a household is just beyond her, I dont find anything wrong with that however she tends to make this everyone elses problem. I am all for serving your parents but it is getting out of hand  she gets upset if we are at work and cannot help her its gotten to a point where she says mean things to me. i am a very positive person and I have actively avoided negative people for most of my life. its gotten to a point where it is causing strain between my husband and I. I honestly dony know how to politely and logically get out of this situation. So far the advice that has been most common is to either ignore her or respond when she taunts me, I find this difficult as I am so shocked by the venom in her words I am rendered speechless. I feel embarrassed writing about something that even as i write it sounds so silly but i’ve been holding this in for so long I feel as if I am burning up on the inside.


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