So continuing from my previous blog, I didn’t have any communication with Elizabeth since she asked for space. I tried to wait for her after work a few days after our argument and she was cordial, but she did remind me I wasn’t really giving her the space she asked for. After hearing that I decided I would just take a step back and let her be the one to reach out to me.

I ended up going through almost the entire summer without communicating with Elizabeth. It wasn’t until August 14th that I reached out to her because it was her birthday and I wanted to greet her. That actually went really well. She was very welcoming of me reaching out. So from there we started communicating again.

So fast forward to New Year’s Eve. At this point we’ve been communicating consistently. We talked about where we stood a little bit, but definitely no where near dating like we had been before. We have hung out a few times, but even though we kept dating an option we hadn’t done anything at this point. We haven’t even held hands. To make the long story short I found out she went on a date with a guy she met on a dating site and on their 2nd date they kissed. That hurt, but didn’t affect me too much. What really got me was I found out that over the summer she went to Los Angeles, California and visited the guy I talked about from my last blog and she slept with him. To be honest, when I found that out I lost it. My world collapsed. Here I thought this girl was different from other girls out there only to feel like she’s just like most girls. Even writing this months later after I found out the news I still can’t believe that happened.

I know it’s her body and her decision, but I couldn’t help but feel betrayed. Especially since it was the guy that we had an argument over in the first place. My problems is that I put her on this pedestal and she definitely fell down after that decision that she made.

  1. jayce 4 years ago

    im sorry, trust sucks a lot of the time. it seems lke you took it as well as anyone could, if that means anything. it probably doesnt but, i dont know what else to say. take care of yourself.

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    • lacey7 6 months ago

      I was going to say the same as Jayce.

      (((Hugs))) heart break is rough. Yikes, I feel for you and understand why you feel the way you do. Heat break is risk we all take when fall in love and every broken heart is a path that will lead to the one who will be worth the journey. It just doesn’t seem like it along the way.

      Also, type in “Let them go” into YouTube search engine. It may help to listen to it several times.

      When someone is okay without you being in their life (can’t imagine life their without you) they aren’t devoted, fully cherishing you. If someone can walk away, let them go. They are making room for better people that would never walk away from you. You deserve someone who could never walk away from you!

      Every person has 5 people on this planet that they could build a good future with and or be best friends with them. They are waiting to meet you!

      Best wishes on your healing and moving to thriving journey!

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