About two weeks ago I decided I should tell my boyfriend that my anxiety was back. I figured he deserved to know. He\'s never dealt with me that way becuase the time it went away the first time was right before I started  dating him. We\'ve been in a seriously involved relationship for about nine months now so I was hoping he would be understanding, but of course, the anxiety in me was worried he would think I\'m a freak and love me less or even just dump me. But it isn\'t something I could keep from him so I told him. And his reaction was tolerant and absolutely wonderful. He told me that he understands how it works and that he\'ll be there to support me. Since then I have had nervous breakdowns but all it takes to calm me down is his hand on my back and him smiling down on me.

I really believe he was put here as a gift to me. Something to bring me happiness and a sense of calm when I really need it. Plus, his mother dealt with anxiety disorder in her years as a young adult so he somewhat understands how the whole thing works. And if there\'s ever a time that he doesn\'t he has a couple sources. He\'s always been a really patient, laid back guy and even if that gets on my nerves sometimes, I\'m really grateful for the way he handles me and basically just loves me.

Sometimes I find that helping my friends to understand my disorder is extremely difficult and they never really get what it is or what it entails. I\'m sure many of us have had a problem with explaining it to someone we care about at some point, whether it be your love interest, best friend, or even your own parents. But then many of us have been gifted to know an amazing handful of people that are incredibly loving and understanding. It\'s people like this that really brighten our days and our lives. I believe that it\'s everyone\'s job to try and be as understanding of each other as possible, whether it\'s one of our friends trying to understand the way anxiety works, or us trying to be understanding in the fact that it\'s not so easy for them to grasp.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. morethanthis 11 years ago

    that is so good that he is understanding, alot of guys don\'t understand. He is a gift to you, but remember you are also a gift to him. Make sure you don\'t lean on him too often or too hard because it wont do the relationship any good.

    You will learn not to be able to cope on your own when things get rough and he will start to feel the weight of your anxiety on his shoulders, which may cause him unwanted feelings. Show him you also know how to be strong on your own and he will appreciate you so much more for not always putting it on him, he will respect you alot more for.

    Remember not to let anxiety define you as a person, its apart of you, not you.

    I wish you a long and loving relationship.

    Take care.

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