A pannic attack is such a strange experirence . There is so many things that could cause a pannic attack. A chemical inballance, Vitimin Defency, Heart problems.Etc. When you have rulled out the life threatning problems you are stll left wondering Why, how, and why now?Well thats where I am at the How and why now. I have made sure I am taking a 100% vitiman and extra iorn Suplement daily making sure my potasium levels are up, Iorn is good( I take more when I am stressed because they get depleated fast) I watch what I eat making sure my suger levels are fine.Cut out caffine. I go through my thoughts and feelings.and I try to be more paitent with myself. 

 Sounds good, and I do admit it has helped me. The attacks have less intencity and they happen less frequently, but… they are still there. I am rationalising my life out with a therapist weekly now and I am uncovering so many things I had stashed in a dark corner of my head. How could I have lived m life like I did? made the decisions I have made?Terified to repeat the past. Some How they all built up and now that dark corner of my head just doesent have the room for anything anymore, I guess? 

 I was thinking about how some of my family thinks that Because My life has "Domesticated" now  that I am bord and this is like my subconcious way of getting atention and stiring up drama. I hate drama thats why I gave up so many bad habits! I was sick of the drama, Im not trying to get anymmore. Hard for my family to believe because Up untill a few years a go my life has always been drama. Do I miss it some how? 

My theripist does not think I am trying to get attention through anxiety. I cant help but think maybe its not me who is trying to get atantion maybe its my body's way of getting my attention …. Now there is a thought… so what am I missing? Maybe its my life that I am missing. The past few years have gone by soo fast. Was it my health? was I slipping back to my old ways and diddnt even know it? What is this anxiety trying to tell me? I guess all I can do is have paitence, try to find the blessings in it all.  For one I know that feeling like I am dying has brought me closser to my husband and family, l let more little problems go now. 

I here a lot of people here talk about how anxiety has effected their life mostly in a bad way. I would love to know how Anxiety has effected your life in a positive way. I hope that you will leave your comments/ expeirences so that we all can see a little light through the darkness.  


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