The Great Advantage

With the passing of Robin Williams all fresh on our minds, once again it begs us to remember how funny he was. Yes, he took his own life. Dreadfully sad, a terrible loss for all. But he knew such sadness, he was able to give us such joy. Please, whenever you feel sad, remember this lovely man, this very sweet and kind person, and listen to his jokes, his silliness, for in all that incredible craziness was a dreadfully sad man. A person of great heart, no doubt, because I can totally relate. See the great advantage? When you've seen something extreme, when you've survived something most people would not, you have achieved a level of understanding and insight, privvy only to you. It is your advantage. You can use that advantage in a number of ways.

For helping others in business. Figure out how you can provide service to others so that it is affordable, accessible and genuine, and you will be a rich man. For making people laugh. If you have the gift of being able to write comedy, then it is your calling to do it. You simply must. Maybe you won't be the one to deliver the jokes on stage, under the lights, and who knows… maybe you will… either way, it's a win win. You get paid either way.

I can write, but I'm not too good at comedy. I guess there are lots more lessons to learn first. Great. Today I am going to sit in the grass for a little while barefoot and let some good energy, if she still has any left, come up and lift me up. I am a little tired and raggedy as they used to say… You guys have a peaceful lovely day. Have a special loving and amazing week.



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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    A comfortable blog. Good!

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