Went to therapy today. I learned a technique to help me greatly. Its a breathing and image relaxation technique. At first it made me really nervous to try it. I was always bad about trying new things. Change used to scare me. I embrace it now. Change happens you can either run from it or face it. but if you run its still guna be there.

well to put it shortly. I ended up being so relaxed and its my "homework" to try this relaxation technique at LEAST 10times a day. but i will do it. I've come so far from where i was i dont ever want to go back. I cant go back. I was a mess. I would cry and not make a sound so no one would ask me what was wrong. I never communicated and let my marriage suffer. I used to not enjoy my kids and used to find being a mom so irritating at times.

But now i am happy. Life has new meaning. Sure there are challenges everyday to go back to the old me. To shut down and go into my hiding…..sure its easy…but it never did me any good. I smile and laugh and mean it. Its not fake anymore. It feels so good so healing and so refreshing. I cant say it enough.

Sure i will probably have to deal with depression moments. It may always be apart of me but now i dont struggle with it. Not anymore. I look at it as a challenge. LOL like "come at me brah, I'll knock ya out"

Therapy has helped so much. Seriously you may be skeptical but it helps. No its not just "talking" you learn about your condition and how its affecting you. I had PTSD, dysthymia depression, and general anxiety….but they dont control me. They are NOT me. Only i define me now….and today I'm happy.


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