My life is like an itch.


The answer to it seems so obvious; scratch it and it will go away.  But like an itch, it never does.  The more I scratch, the itchier it becomes, moving across my body like a plague, becoming even more unbearable with every scrape I inflict upon it.  Of course, sometimes it feels momentarily better, a beautiful relief from an irritating imperfection, only to be replaced a few moments later by another, more terrible than the first.  Sometimes I will stop scratching, taking the annoyance until mind triumphs over matter.  But far too often I scratch and scratch and scratch.  Until I bleed.  Until I can take no more.


So what is the answer?


Like an itch there is only one.


To do nothing; to ignore it even though it seems like it's always there, taunting me, willing me to stretch out my hand and be done with it once and for all.  But of course, it never does.  The only sure relief is to walk away from the annoyance, to leave it behind and never turn back, not even to mock its defeat, for that will bring my mind back to the itch.

The itch.

The itch.

That annoying CUNTING itch. 

So I tell you now, all who share in my discomfort…  Don't scratch your itch.  Never scratch it.  And as God as my witness, the fictional bastard who gave me this affliction, it will slowly go away.  Your mind WILL win.  You WILL be cured.  And if you do scratch and that desperate cycle of discomfort starts again, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that you have done NOTHING wrong.  Just stop scratching…


Stop scratching.



I love every one of you who share this burden.


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