So that title, basically that just means all the expletives in the human language are going to be muttered this weekend/upcoming week. I really dread this weekend, especially, because I’m supposed to be spending the better part of Saturday evening with my mother and other family. Now, my sisters and cousin do not bother me. However, my mother…that woman pushes every single one of my buttons and is seemingly unaware that she is even doing it. I do think she knows, and I do think she tries to get on/under/around/in my nerve. Notice I say nerve, no plural, because at this stage in the game I don’t have more than one left. I’m trying my best to maintain, but I know that she is going to “offer advice” about things, which basically means she’s going to tell me what and how I’m doing things wrong and the “correct” way to do them. I.e., her way, which I must say is not the way for me because I do NOT want to be that kind of mother and/or wife to my family. I know everybody blames her/his mother for everything that has ever gone wrong with life, but I’m not exactly doing that. I know that some of the things she thinks have merit, and I know that doing things the way she sees them would potentially be easier. However she does not approach these things in the best way; actually, with me she doesn’t approach anything correctly. If she really knew me, had the proper insight (meaning just SHUT UP for ONCE and let me talk!!), she would know every little thing she tries to tell me to do goes in one ear and out the other. Or sometime goes in one ear, sits and festers and then exponentially blows up at the most inopportune moment. Which leads to me drinking and doing other drugs to just make it all be quiet for a minute in time. I wish I could freeze the moments in time that she makes me feel that way, go back and cut them out. But life does NOT work that way does it? So, for the time being, I suppose my cross to bear is my mother: quite possibly the world’s most demanding and unsatisfied (with me) woman I have ever met.


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