My OCD Major Issues list (feel free to add to it)

having insulted or offended others

being homosexual or acting homosexually

auto exhaust or other poisonous gases – car exhaust makes me nautious and I feel like I can't breathe

hospitals, doctor's offices, and health care workers

your belongings being contaminated by having been present or used when something unpleasant was occuring – depressing memories of an item that has meaning

accidentally losing control and harming yourself – suicide

causing harm to yourself through your thoughts

never being able to be happy, or never being able to get what you want in life

doubt about whether you have somehow harmed or injured others in the past

being deliberately harmed by others – thinking about getting into violent fights with random people

being rejected by a loved one

being cheated or taken advantage of by others – because this has happened, and I doubt everything

having somehow cheated or taken advantage of others

having insulted or offended others

forgetting information (memories, facts, appointments, etc.)

being looked at or noticed by others in a critical way – because of the way I look it makes me feel worse about myself

your own mortality

the mortality of your family and friends

having bad luck – when things are going really good and then it takes a turn for the worse it seems like fate

parts of your body are ugly or disfigured in some way – confusion about my sexual identity (physically)

parts of your body are asymmetrical

part(s) of your body is (are) too large or too small

parts of your body are aging prematurely – vericose veins that are genetic

clothing does not fit certain parts of your body correctly (too loose or too tight) – having my chest show is embarassing in certain situations where people think I am a boy, also I don't like the way it looks sometimes

you have undiagnosed serious illnesses : multiple personality disorder – feeling like several different people rolled into one, and having those personalities come out at different times for different purposes of possibly pleasing others

questioning whether you have said, done, or thought certain things perfectly

questioning whether others perfectly understand what you have said

wanting to do, think, or say everything (or certain things) perfectly

perfectly understanding what you have read

perfectly communicating your thoughts through writing

excessive awareness of your own thought processes

awareness of specific things in your environment (sounds, colors, objects, people, etc) – surreal feeling, disconnected, non-reality

excessive awareness of abnormal body functioning (ringing in ears, aches, stiffness, pains)

using the toilet to urinate and defecate

using public restrooms

visitng a hospital

eating in restaurants

going to the movies

doors and windows

what you have read – vivid imagination, fear of reality and mortality

your paperwork or writing for errors

doing arithmetic -fear of math and numbers, making mistakes when counting back change

counting money and/or making change – " "

whether or not someone has acted sexually toward you

container tops or lids for closure

your own words or actions (to verify that you did not act inappropriately)

your own memory (by asking yourself or others)

that you have made the perfect decision – afraid to make mistakes because of a limit on time

repetitively apologizing or asking for forgiveness

questioning the wherabouts of your spouse or lover to make sure they are being faithful

watching who your spouse or lover looks at (in public or in movies, TV, and magazines) to make sure they are not being unfaithful


reciting or thinking of certain words, names

rethinking thoughts

keeping new possessions unused and in perfect condition

only buying items that are perfect

saying things perfectly

remembering or memorizing things perfectly or in a special order

remaking decisions to ensure picking the perfect one

thinking of certain things perfectly or exactly

punishing or penalizing yourself when you do not behave perfectly

perfectly confessing all your thoughts or behaviors to others

making your pappearance perfect (hair, nails, clothes)

cutting your hair

performing activities until they feel just right

only performing certain activities at perfect times

the occurrences of certain body functions (breathing, stepping, etc.)

making mental lists or arrangements

repeatedly review ing past situations to try to remember or understand them

thinking specific thoughts in special ways

thinking about specific topics

creating specific mental images or pictures

repeating your own or someone else's words in your mind

rethinking specific thoughts

analyzing your thoughts to determine if they are (or were) appropriate

analyzing your thoughts to determine if they are really obsessions or not

asking others if you will be safe or if things will turn out well for you

asking others if they will be safe or if things will turn out well for them

confessing to having done things you believe may have harmed others

making lists

checking your appearance in the mirror for problems/imperfections

quesitoning others directly or indirectly about your appearance

feeling like you have to have your appearance improved surgically

cutting your hair to excess or for long periods of time to make it perfect

buying excessive quantities of items beyond an amount needed for reasonable usage

saving excessive quantities of informational matter ( newspapers, old lists, m agazines, junk mail, etc)

saving items simply because they belong to you or your loved ones

having to own complete collections of certain things, even if they're not important





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