ok well quite a big day today

1. Went to see the college I'm going to in September! (it's like the last two years of high school not like an American college). Went and met the support staff for special educational needs which was quite good. The place is massive there are 23 support staff at my school there was only 1!!! mainly because my school had practically no special needs kids but still!  The building is massive to…big library well actually MASSIVE! I love it already and met my french teacher…she's a small scary hyper french woman but she seems passionate which is probably the most important thing \"Smile\" and got explained how the timetables work and all the support i can have…getting a dictaphone so i can record my lessons though useful slightly playing into my thing i've had since i started school aged 4…if i'm recodring the lesson if the teacher does something wrong i have proof…oh YEAH!…strange eloise thing maybe or maybe i was just born a lawyer…

I'm currently planning on taking English language with lit, history and French though won't know for definite 'til i get my exams results on 17th august \"Undecided\"

2. After college tour and form filling in etc mum and i went to get a salad at EAT. it was ok…until halfway through my salad i realised that the box had been put together my hand and the salad had been prepared similarly…suddenly my meal actually tasted different…i've eaten there loads of times before but i've never until recently been worried by hygiene…now suddenly i am possibly because it's a very stressful time but anyway… 'prepared by hand onsite today' is not a selling point anymore…i'm not sure it ever was but it wasn't like a fast food place where i would be worried abut hygiene…it's a nice place but eurgh…

anyway 21 exams down 3 more exams to go!!! then i'm going on clompimpramine/annafrinil (goes by both names) which is meant to help with the OCD not sure but guess it's worth a go as these new thought seem strange and most of my other rituals thought are quite childish (not stepping on the cracks being one example of many) so this hygiene stuff not major or anything but if it carries on it'll be affecting the 'adult' life if heading for college etc…

au revoir… 


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  1. buffster 15 years ago

    \\..hi hun..aren't all the french "small scarry & hyper"?? jk glad to know you'll be in such an academically conducive setting..I know u'll blossom there..nothing wrong with verifying what people have said i.e. recording just as long as it doesn't backfire on u *circa "the Nixon Watergate tapes"* ha jk..listen don't know what the health codes are like there but in the states its mandatory that food preparers wear latex gloves while preparing food *unless of course its "Bubba's BBQ Heaven & Alligator Wrestling Farm" jk*..think ur ok on this one darlin'..be strong.. 

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