hey everyone!! im back!

never thought id  miss it here so much! iv had a crazy couple of weeks…the last time i wrote i was sick, then i had a car accident. Im ok, sore back and bruised legs from the impact (i hit into a car and another one hit into the back of me) and my car is a gonner but other than that im ok. It was a pretty bad crash, 3 cars including mine in it so im just thankfull no one was too badly injured.

Anyway remember my friend i told you all about that was in prison? well il say it now – i should have listened more to the advice i was given here because things didnt turn out the best there. He was up in court for bail and i bailed him out. he came to stay in my mas house and he was using. It was horrible. He stayed for a week and as each day passed he was becoming more and more dependant on me. I know it probably sounds bad but i couldnt stand it at all. He couldnt make any decison for himself and as i already said he was using and it was such a huge strain on me, I really couldnt cope with it all…… so i told him he had to go, that i couldnt cope anymore.He is staying in a hostel now. Its the last place i want him to be but i cant help someone who doesnt really want the help-that is an impossible task for anyone i think.

Other than that things are ok, i was at a meeting with my probation officer today and she said i only have to do another 8 months of my probation! im so happy…. i havent been in trouble with the police or anyone for 9 months and i plan for it to stay that way for good. I really dont need that kind of hassle in my life.

I hope everyone is doing good.

Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


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