Well My hubby went hunting this mourning. He hasnt went hunting on Thanksgiving since we have been together but the poor baby hasnt got to go since rifle season opened cause he was sick and working so he asked if he could go today. So I said yes even though I wanted to say NO!!! but I was being nice for once. That made me kinda depressed cause he would rather go hunting than be with me but WTFE…….

My daughter were fighting all mourning…one of them went to stay with a friend  last nite she dont drive so she called this mourning wanting my other daughter that does drive to come get here. They faught back in forth for about a hour and finally she left to go get her then she (the daughter that drives)drug her all of over town to visit her boyfriend and go to walmart……..So I was stressed out cause my other daughter (that does drive kept calling whining)OMG………HAPPY F**CKING THANKSGIVING…….so they finally got home at 1145 and we were supposed to be there at 12………so they were late..Then my daughter that drive stayed 15 minutes and left with her boyfriend and didnt even say bye…….HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT ANYWAYS

So when hubby came back and we went to his aunts to eat with his family…..All went fairly good.

Then it was time to go to my family……….we call my mom and she was leaving my grandmothers already and my 4 yr old daughter starts to cry cause she want s to see my mom…..So she threw the phone and hung up on my mom……but we called back and she asked if she would stay and she did……HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY      RIGHT???

We got there everyone had left but my mom….but we saw my grandmother she is sick with cancer so I wanted to be sure I went to see her…If It killed me

2 of my daughter went home with my mom and so me and hubby are alone he is somewhere else in hte house and I am on the computer. how depressing………..and I forgot to take my med today……..

My other daughter that drives is now fighting with her boyfriend cause she thinks he is cheating……..I told her not to worry about it.but she left and now I have to worry about her…..

I want to go shopping tomorrow but I really dont have the money and I dont have anyone to go with cause I dont have any friend and of course hubby would rather hunt………………So he aint gettin sex lol…..wonder how he will like that



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