I see a lot of people early in recovery posting here about their early triumphs in Recovery. i think what you're doing to better your lives today is totally awesome and the progress you have made is amazing and admirable. but please do not lose what your truly looking for. FREEDOM from all active ADDICTIONS. whether that addiction be drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or what ever else you suffer from. believe it or not there are 234 12 step programs in the world all based on the 12 step concept of AA. i have remained in NA for 24 years because it is the one place i can deal with all my addictions.

the true road to FREEDOM from active ADDICTIONS is by going to as many meetings as you can, keep an open mind and listen to the message given to you freely. as we say we did not become addicted in one day so what makes you think you can become clean in one day. sooner or later that pink cloud is going to fade and the real world is going to slap you in the face. that's right all the crap that was there before you got clean is still there and waiting for you. bills, significant others, people you don't like, and so much more. if we face all those things head on with our new beliefs in life we can walk through them.

I hope by now you have gotten a sponsor and have started to work the 12 steps. the true way to recover from all addictions is by continuing to work the 12 steps on the daily basis. i also hope your not here just to get your court card signed and then decide to go back to being the miserable piece of crap you were before you got here. God and life has a better plan for you. be patient as more will be revealed. remember that nothing changes if nothing changes. stop trying to fake it until you make it. learn to walk the walk and talk the talk. put the program into everything you do. yes, believe it or not i do take my own suggestions to heart. f#@k keep coming back just stay. do you truly have anyplace else to go? do you really think there is something better out there? the NA way is the only way. Trust me ater all i have gone through in the past few years health wise and so much more my thoughts have stayed true to this program that has saved my ass time and time again.

Remember that Recovery is a JOurney not a Destination and use the Rest Stops God provides along the way.

NA hugs,



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