The Perfect Guy

Hair color?: brown or blonde
Eye color?: blue
Height?: 5’9 or taller
Six pack?: would be a benefit, yes
Long hair or short?: looong…. 😉
Glasses?: i hate them on myself, so no
Piercings?: yes
Eyebrows?: wtf?
Big butt or little?: little, haha
Chest hair?: don’t really care
Buff or skinny?: buff
Teeth?: as long as their nice
Section 2
Funny or serious?: a lil of both
Party-hopper or more stay-at-home?: a lil of both
Should he be able to bake or cook?: cook…..:)
Does he have a best friend?: if he wants one
Is it okay for him to have a lot of female friends?: as long as i’m with him when he’s with them
Out-going or shy?: a lil of both
Sarcastic or sincere?: both
Does he love his mother?: i dont care
Should he watch chick-flicks?: i dont care
Would he be a smoker?: dont care
How about a drinking?: dont care
And swearing?: dont care
Would he play with your hair?: yeah… i luv that
Would he have more than one girlfriend at a time?: hell no!
Would he pay for you when you’re on a date?: if he wants to
Does he kiss on the first date?: doesn’t matter to me
Where would you go for dinner?: dont care
Would he buy you flowers?: maybe on valentines
Would he lay under the stars with you and spout random philosophies?: that’s too cheesy even for me
Would he write poetry about you?: no…
Would he use endearments?: wtf? im not scarlet o’hare
Would he hang out with your and YOUR friends?: i dont care
How about you hanging out with him and HIS friends?: dont care im fine with it
Would he walk you up to the door at the end of the evening?: yes
Would you hold hands?: yes
Section 3
Does he play soccer?: dont care
Baseball?: dont care
Football?: dont care
Basketball?: dont care
Water polo?: wtf? no
Golf or something equally boring?: dont care
Does he surf?: that’d be sexy as hell…..:)
Skateboard?: that’d be cool
Snowboard?: cool
Can he sing?: yes
Play the guitar?: yes
Play piano?: no
Play the drums?: yess
Can he keep his room clean?: dont care, as long as he isnt a complete pig
Is he an artist of sorts?: dont care
Does he write his own music?: that’d be nice
Does he have pets?: dont care
Section 4
Does he use the word dude?: i do not care
How about tight?: huh?
Would he watch the sun rise and set with you?: if he wants to
What kind of car does he drive?: i dont care
How old is he?: 24 or older
What’s his name?: i dunno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. sadjac 12 years ago

    My perfect guy would love me for me. Thats all i”d ask.

    XXX jac

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