Much of my reading about suicide is that to do so is a grave act for the soul. Also that it will be a burden on others I suppose also.The spiritual teachers seem to not want people to commit suicide for some reason. However it is our own life and our own bodies. Who are they to judge that someone who lives in continuous misery should just carry on regardless? Where are their solutions to help these suffering people/Of course a dead person can no longer contribute to the religeous or spiritual funds of an organisation.

You tell me about the help organisations and befriending services who will actually send people to look after people in need and make sure thay are ok. The charities who will keep at it until depressed people feel good about life and can continue with optimism and independence.

Recently I phoned an evangealistic church via a tv channel who offered to help people with porn addiction actually. The programme featured 2 people who said they had been cured of it and were obviously connected with the church. So I phoned the helpline. It was late but anyway the man on the phone did not address the issue with me but invited me to the nearest church in Bristol. I told him that I was unable to travel there due to lack of a vehicle and I couldnt afford the bus fair. Also there would be no way for me to get the bus home at that time. I thought about this afterwards. Ideally he could have offered to visit with some church members to me home, considereing I am poor, alone and as I explained I think that i was suffering from stress and anxiety. Also they could have given me or lent me some money to help my financial situation as I cannot pay all my bills and I am struggling, unable to work. I thought about phoning the church and asking them for money as that was my greatest need. I presumed that they would tell me that they do not give money. I guess that they are interested in people going to the church so that they themselves could receive donations for their good works.

After following the Robin Williams story there was a mental health charity on tv that spoke of the prevalence of depression in people in the UK. I live a very reclusive life. However, it will be evident to my neighbours that I live alone, hardly ever go out and I cant remember how long ago I had a visiter here, must be months ago. Still they let me carry on unninterupted. I think people tend to want to assume that I am doing ok or that I probably want to be left alone. I guess people don't want to be intrusive either or face rejection. Anyway, none of my neighbours in the village here know what I do with my time or if I have a profession or am working. They have their own lives and affars to concern themselves with anyway.

Dreams of the future :- No matter how bad you feel or how bad things look, you can always imagine a wonderfulfuture. Somehow, some day, somehow things can be alright. I think ' The Secret' book by Rhonda Byrne is too optimistic though. I don't think changing your life is as easy as changing your thoughts , feelings and visualisations. I think a more realistic approach is needed. As my father said, the people who right the self improvement and get rich books are certainly making money and being successful from the book sales.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    It has always been true that things are easier said than done. Words only give a clue to the journey on which you plan to embark.

    There are no words for suicide and death, only feelings too deep, too painful to be expressed. They can only be felt by the people left behind by the suicide. Their lot is too feel unspeakable grief.

    There is no easy way to live. There are many casulties when you die. I don't know if there is anymore to say.

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  2. Andie372 8 years ago

    Suicide is personal, no one you leave behind will ever understand, they will forever wonder if they could have done something.  To live to put one foot in front of the other is noble and heroic.  I am a survivor and as much as things may hurt, Im really really glad Im alive.

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