The Collection.
Beginning life anew

But still so little to do

No wonder you all get so bored

You grew so fast, to your own accord

Now life has become so bland

No true belief for this land

When will we all perish?

When we made this life so lavish..

You've brought your own surmise

And I'll sit .. wait.. waiting for your own demise


The emotional lies

Severed all the ties

From your face I see you now

Then now I ask myself.. how?

Maybe I'm the one to blame

Should I feel the same?

Your soul tries to find its way

Past my bleeding heart it lays

Now I feel myself dying

And I don't feel myself trying

Trying to care as if life was worth it..

To be honest, it was one big pile of shit

So it starts to go black

And still your emotions lack

Time and over again..

I didn't even know where to begin

Life had too many paths

But never enough laughs

Thans to her, that shiny gun

I'm here on the grounf fading from the sun

I have said goodbye to no one

Though I think my life might have just begun…


You're just shapeless faces on the sea

You can telll you mean nothing to me

All your lives live out as faceless sheep

Won't you ever wake up for your waking sleep

The dreams must be nice, I can tell

Just open them eyes and you'll see reality as hell

You wonder why or what you were put here for

You life means little, nothing more

Speck of exsistance, no worth

Should have known that since birth

You think you can change your fate

Open up a new path or unlock a gath

That's only fo ryou to decide my friend

You will find out if you were right in the end


You always setup a facade

But I see through you game of charades

Shoud have known I knew all along

Then maybe out position in life wan't wrong

Time slows for nobody baby

But for this moment, it just might maybe

The time I show you what you truly are

And that roat won't lead you very far

Just play it smart and never give up

And maybe you just won't be so corrupt

This heart made of sont ecan't and won't be broken

For only one person holds the key or token

Remember all that time of teasing me?

Now it is time for your eyes to truly see

I wear no mask to hide

But for you, I'll stay here and fly


(I started off with this poem same two line kinda.. but took a different path)

I can tell just by your facades

You always play a game of sherades

The moonlit night shows it in your eyes

I shows and tells me all of your lies

Once I have given everything to you

I guess to you, I was just something to do

The last time your lushious lips brushed mine

I could tell our love was on the line

Still I know you feelings were true

And still in your eyes are of midnight blue

When we were together, I could see your face in the light

And at that moment I knew we ere just right

Now times just changes our path

But I don't want to face peace or wrath

I'll just remember our times we shared together

And those memories will last forever


Hatred deep inside

My mind the only place to hide

Mom said there'd be days like this

But never warned me life would be a crock of shit

You treat me like some kind of slave

Now I shall show you the true meaning of the word 'behave'

Sitting there, no emotions, no open mind

I wish you could only tell how much you were blind

Pathetic really, king of your empire

Until I'm the one that sets it on fire

One of thes days, my time will come

And you all will find out you were the one that was dumb

Through my opens eyes and superiority

You always mask your inferiority

Time will only tell

Time tells that you will fail

What's reality compared to me? your eyes.. Can't YOU see?


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