ok so i wake up this morning feeling sick as ever my breathing is playing up and my heart is beating really fast. i no im goin to be sick but i havent eaten or drank everything so i no if i throw up its going to hurt my belly and yes i was right it did hurt i didnt bring anything up apart from flem. now im shaking and feel sick as ever i hate feeling like this i cant remember the last time i woke up in the morning feeling fine. i no my partner has to go out later which means its just me n the kids here i really want my mum to come down cuz i no i wont be able to cope. feeling very sick again and probly going to throw up again i try not to think of it and try to relax but i cant everyone is talking bout deaths n i just cant handle it. my belly is hurting and im shaking more i no im goin into panic but i cant control it. i try think bout good times with my kids family and friends but nothing works why the hell have i got to feel this way i hate it so much i just want it to pass. i think i can controll my breathing but its the sickness i cant controll and the shaking it makes me feel so ill. hoping it will calm down soon so i can try to relax i was ok last night think it was cuz i was so tired that wen i did go to bed i went to sleep straight away. im drinking water so when i trow up again it wont hurt asmuch i just dont no what to do…….

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  1. katyellis76 13 years ago

    Im really sorry to hear that everyone has different ways of calm n down there anxiousness and i hope u find out what that is soon i wish u the best and i hope u feel better really soon i pray for u and if u ever need to talk im here i think were all here for u just some n to think about lol feel better and i hope u have a good day/night  – katelyn –

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