There is a very wide range when it comes to anxiety… Everyone experiences it differently and everyone has different symptoms… I ended up in the hospital a couple of times due to my anxiety, because with me (and I am sure a lot of you) the symptoms for almost every attack was different… Sometimes I would thing I am getting a heart attack and other times I would think that I’m having a stroke… Every person also deals with anxiety differently and not all the methods works the same for everyone… Although, for me all advise or new ways of fighting this dark cloud was always welcome. I have been anxiety attack free for almost a year now and I must say, it feels great… But as it always was with this time of the year, my anxiety is spiking a bit again… Not so bad that I’m having attacks, but that in between feeling… Where you don’ t really feel yourself… I don’t feel depressed exactly, just rather down, very tired and, well anxious… And my ‘hot flushes’ (for lack of a better word because I’m only 25) have come back as well… It’s not unbearable, neither is the paid, but it’s just really annoying at this point… I would be fine one moment and then for a split second I would feel a bit… How can I put this… Panicked… I feel a little bit of what I used to feel when my anxiety was at it’s worse and then because of that tiny feeling I get a little bit more anxious… Thinking; what if… But I just tell myself that I am NOT going back there… Even if I am losing a little interest in some things at the current moment, even if my muscles are protesting every step of the way, even if i feel shaky, tired and a bit nauseous… I am a WARRIOR, I am STRONG and CAPABLE… I have kicked this thing once, so I CAN an WILL do it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN should the need arise, because we all have a purpose here and I am positive that our purpose is NOT to suffer within ourselves… But, I must admit, sometimes it’s easier said than done and the ugly truth is,,, anxiety SUCKS!!! BUT… BUT, WE CAN DO THIS! WE WILL SUCCEED IN THE END AND BE OUR CALMEST, BEST SELVES, BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT!!! May you all be blessed and have a wonderful, calm evening… LOTS of love… Zoniaxx


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