My husband is driving me slowly crazy.  He has taken to ranting and raving at the television.  He thinks Obama is a sellout for dropping the public option.

I wanted to just watch some English mysteries and instead he kept watching the Ed Show and yelling .  He says if you do not get angry and yell and scream

you are wimps. (meaning me)  Now when I wanted to tell him how frustrated I was because I was the one who worked really hard as a volunteer for Obama 

I get called names like wimp and stupid.  I was crying because I too am disappointed over Obama sort of wimping out, I had hoped for a single payer

plan.  Now I am crying and cannot sleep and feel like my always happy marriage is over because I told him I just do not any more want to listen to these political shows and rants and raves.   I just cannot take it .  

Is any one else out there getting this type of thing going on?

I do not like to invite my friends over or our family over.  In fact my family has totally become estranged from me because of similar behavior in the past when Perot was running.  Same thing. He was for Perot.  Now he is also saying he is the smartest man in the world.  (he does have a very high I Q)

I just deal with this most of the time by leaving and taking the bus somewhere and hanging out in coffee shops and cafes and going for walks or swimming.

He has totally driven me crazy tonite.  I want to just get on a plane and go to Paris for a few weeks all by myself, live in a small cheap rented apartment, and just speak French and wander around eating really good yogurt.

(there is no really good yogurt over here.)

I feel so lonely and I just sit here singing along with Camille to her Live at the Trianon album and crying.  I do not think I can sleep tonite.

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  1. parisparcgirl 14 years ago

     I did exactly that   told him to channel the anger into something like writing to congressmen who head up committees etc.

    Things are better.   Took me to lunch, and out to a real nice dinner tonite.

    and took me shopping for new stuff for fall.  Last year I lost 80 pounds and nothing I have from fall and winter 2007 /08 fits.  I mean boyfriend jeans are baggy  but when you go from size 16 to 8 (28 jeans) that is not cool look.

    So got cute stuff from Michael Stars, Splendid and from DaNang and Citizens of Humanity jeans.  really nice stuff.  (and a new pair of shoes too).

    Well my birthday is also coming up soon.

    we are going to Paris over Christmas too.

    I am calmer about this all  just listening to my chill music on internet from Paris.thanks you all

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