As you can tell by the title of this blog entry… I’ve been having social anxiety & it’s been kicking my ass harder than previous times. Normally my anxiety is caused by work stress, but since this past Sunday (12/20) when my sister in-law made negative comments about what I have planned for Christmas day my mind has been so fixated on convincing me that I suck at planning social stuff with family, 2nd guessing if previous get togethers we had last month with friends thought I was obnoxious or awkward, unnecessary Christmas day drama might happen, my co-workers judging me, feeling embarrassed customers & co-workers might notice me fidgeting & talking fast… which today (12/23) is the 1st time my anxiety has caused me to do that.

I’ve been feeling so defeated today… Feelings of guilt, stupidity, & annoyed at myself that I wasn’t 100% okay today for work & already anxious for tomorrow & Christmas day… I’m normally not this anxious when it comes to social stuff, but my mind is driving me crazy! If you’re reading this please comment with some tips on how you calm your social anxiety down. I’ve tried different things that normally calm me down, but it’s for my work stresses. This high level of social anxiety is new for me & what I normally do to calm myself down isn’t helping…


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