1. aquazium 5 months ago

    Not sure exactly what you’re struggling with because there’s only a title. But I have perfectionism and I constantly feel like a failure, whether it’s because I didn’t finish my entire to-do list, or I’m not friends with someone, or I’m fighting with my parents, or Idk, I feel like a bad friend or something. It’s torture. I constantly hate myself. I constantly feel like giving up, because even though I know I don’t need to be perfect right now, I feel like if I’m not, someone is going to die, or people won’t like me and I’ll be ALONE, which is my worst fear.
    Anyone else?

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    • lacey7 3 months ago

      Click on the title to read the blog.

      I am like you about not drinking, no drugs and not smoking. I don’t like taking pain medicine either.

      I love reading through all the blogs and learning a lot everyone’s life experiences and challenges!

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    • lacey7 3 months ago

      I didn’t answer your question.

      My worst fear is not being able to breathe.

      I am allergic to a spice that if I smell it, eat it or am in a room where someone has cooked with it or put it in a hot drink……… my throat closes shut and I risk death by not breathing.

      I wake up with vivid dreams gasping for breath.

      The covid mask wearing working for me because I when to wear a mask in public anyway with the severe spice allergy!

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