so im on increased visits between 4-3 week intervals (this is the earliest she has available) and when i asked for advising she said you know what to do, follow the steps (exposer delay avoid sit with). and after all these years im like i know the god damn steps but when your at a 10 or a 9 those steps are to high there has to be another way to fight this condition. the step get me only so far but this…. she also said that as this goes down so will everything else. but what if it doesn’t? lets be a little optimistic i fight through this and it calms down will i have the energy and strength after fighting this to fight everything else? i know there is pain ahead and yes i will lose some battles but hopefully me and ocd and re-establish our boundary zones. so apparently now you cant have a blog without getting to 300 words and i was at 142 before this sentis so no top of everything i was just going to work though these issue but no i have to write them. im am fighting dicrimation at uni, my brother is pissing the crap out of me and trying to use me and my good will, he is also telling me what to do which i will not stand for and i was emotional manulpluated into signing a contratct to stay at a place i no longer feel safe, for another year yay joy. also yestday was shit as it was my died mothers birthday and my asswhole of a sperm donar along with my brother made if all about them, instead of her, even in death she cant get a day where its all about her. 285 words down you can stop reading im just trying to get to 300 how annoying this is


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