I’m an alcoholic and suffer from bipolar depression. The depression has gotten worse over the last several years. I have never taken medication for it.

I realize it’s a cycle. I often get sober for months, and then see no reason to get help for drinking, as I’m much more positive, active, and accomplish a lot. But inevitably it falls apart again.

I would like to talk to my doctor about treatment. I’m mainly interested in trying out some medication for depression and doing therapy.

But I fear that if I tell my doctor that I’m an alcoholic, it will “stigmatize” me (end up on my record for life.

I want to support others going through depression and anxiety disorder. I’m willing to give the first 20 people to share their story $300. We are ONE and One is stronger than half

I live in New Orleans btw. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.



  1. aquazium 3 years ago

    I’m so glad you came here for help! This support group has been super helpful for me. I hope you can find the help you need with your depression. I actually struggle with that, too, that’s one of the reasons I came here. Good luck;)

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  2. Author
    tylerholmes 3 years ago


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  3. Author
    tylerholmes 3 years ago

    I feel a lot better since I step here, so many beautiful minds, a safe haven where no one will be judged only schooled

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  4. Author
    tylerholmes 3 years ago

    @aquazium I’m glad you good, just want to put it out here that I’m here for you if you need anyone to talk to

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