Taking my time to peruse through the massive views and blogs posted by you individuals of great intellects i must say you are doing a very tremendous job in trying to purge your self of a self afflicted ailment that is a product of our inherent imaginary views on ourself.i think you guys must not stop in your concerted effort to perennially fight that terrible scourge of social anxiety and depression because you are endowed to be more happy than any other personality on this surface of the earth.

 My question to all and sundry is what is life worth in this ardous and difficult world of capitalism cum globalization that is so enmeshed in monopoly,criticism,exploitation,corruption,partiality, and chauvinism to all you must stand tall now if you really want to stand on the same pedestal with the growing world of competition which will need you to be superior in your thinking for you to rule your world yourself.

  A word i would always believe is enough for a wise because the world is not all about the illetrates again but those who fail to follow siut with the changes in the world at large at this present moment.

  You are destined to rule the world if only you take time to checkmate that egregious thought and bad feelings that will always make you a ghost of yourself instead of that charming ,cool and wonderful lady and guy that is destined to be great.

  The world will be a better and happier place to stay and reside in it if only you take charge of your destiny  and tell your self no more to griping,no more to complains, no more to crying, no more to laziness, no more to insultive gestures and stand up and focus on restructuring your future because the future they say starts today and will be the determinant factor in the nearest years to come.



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