Wouldn't you think that when you come here for support, you would get it?

Wouldn't you think that when you go into chat and try to tell people that you're in pain, especially because of a recent death in the family, that you'd get some comfort?

Isn't it sad when you see someone in a chat who you used to chat with, and then realize that they aren't even on your friends list anymore, and say nothing to you about your recent loss?

Wouldn't you think that if people are going to be making all kinds of fun and jokes in chat, that they could take it to the fun room instead of in the main room where there are people waiting for support?

Wouldn't you think that if someone said something really sad about themselves, and got not much of a response and then went into another chat room that someone would come in and try to support them?

Wouldn't you think that a website that's supposed to be all about people with anxiety helping other people with anxiety would actually be helpful instead of hurtful?

I hate this. I know I come here to complain a lot. I guess that's part of having anxiety and depression. I just can't stand feeling this way. It hurts. Don't you wonder why someone friended you on here and then took you off friends and then won't even acknowledge you in chat? WTF is that about? It's just plain hurtful.

This is why I don't even bother with myspace or facebook or anything anymore.

You really find out who your friends are NOT when  you are down and out. You suck. YOU SUCK. If you're the kind of person who can't be a friend to someone who is going through a hard time, then you SUCK. I've been a friend, ALWAYS to everyone who is down and out. And it never happens that way for me. It is never given back to me.

I get more support from people whom I've never talked to than from people who know me. Why the hell is that?

My faith in humanity is gone. I hate people, they always hurt you and stab you in the back, and don't care about you. People want to pretend that they are nice and caring, until it involves something back from them. People want to *say* "Oh I'm sorry, can I do anything?" But when it comes down to it, they don't even want to offer a sympathetic ear. People like to feel like they have done everything that they can, but they don't want to help you, listen to you, be there for you, be a friend.

I hate that.

Wouldn't you think that I deserve that, at least as much as any other average person?

Wouldn't you think?


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