Stupid girl
With matted hair
Tracks across her arms.
Cobwebs cling to drafty corners,
Corralling only dust bunnies.
With stockings down
Half way round bruised calves.
Head resting heavily in hand.
Tears stream down
Her broken porcelain face
The unseen clock
Loudly ticks her time away
Empty is her soul
Hardened is her heart
She breathes in dusty air
Exhales the disappointment
With mirrors all broken,
Shards of glass.
She picks up a sliver to look
Into bloodshot eyes.
Disgusted, she stares
Until the pain is too great.
She whispers under breath once more,
Stupid fucking girl.

copyright 2007 jade clark
all rights reserved.


I've done better but….:shrug:

  1. Minorbird 15 years ago

    Makes me wonder if you know the stupid fucking girl?

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  2. Minorbird 15 years ago

    Id love to talk more but your site is locked. Your doing terrific. I know how intensely frustrating it is when you have an artistic block. Keep it up!

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