i ask my self a lot, “why the hell am i here, i have no purpose here.” i do believe everyone has a purpose in this world, a feeling of something that itches us because we never were able to complete it. yes we all have a purpose but let me ask you this, what people actual find the courage to do there purpose? barely anyone probably to be honest. i have not found my purpose, but i do believe sometimes that our meaning in the world is not all good. some people may have it bad, some people may have it good. maybe a prisoner who killed 25 people had a purpose of going on death row, maybe a heroin addicts destiny is to stay a heroin addict. but for some reason, i cant find my purpose, and i know people use the “your so young” excuse. but i feel so much pain. from myself and others. i feel like the universe skipped me. like i was a failed lab assignment. like i was a spoiled chemical spilled on the floor burning through the tile while every other chemical exploded and created experiments to remember. what sucks is if you mess up in the world you can get really hurt forever or hurt someone you care about. theres no non of the above situation. i just feel lost, confused, desperate to find answers. why would the universe create people like us if all we are going to do is destroy everyone and everything. im kind of just speaking out of my head here. but i hope one day i overcome this back hole. because i feel like im in quicksand. like im sinking every single day lower and lower till i finally drown in the earth. in everyone, in everything. i just hope i get a hint of what my destiny or triumph in the world is, it doesn’t even need to be good. i just need to see if i have one. im just tired of waking up everyday to nothing, being nothing, saying nothing. im tired


July 21st 2018

  1. peacefulguy 3 years ago

    I don’t know your path but I will say this, I’ve spent a lot of time right where you are “questioning” & then I realized I was spending too much time on the wonder & missing out on the purpose part ya know? All I am trying to say is don’t get “stuck” because your purpose is important it may not be as big or as small as another but it is no less worthy. A connection with another person may be your purpose & if you are too busy or rather, consumed by the question of purpose, you may not be able to be there for someone that needs you & your; “kind words, support, listening, etc.” it is all about our duty to others that brings us our true self & I don’t mean total selflessness but for example one word to another can change their whole life. I believe everyone has the same purpose in that, we are here for each other & through that we find assistance as well. Just my thought because I know I got stuck on my purpose for quite some time & I hope my experience can be a little help to you. You are a gift to anyone who knows you don’t forget that & giving of that gift is awesome! Bless you

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  2. yellowrose 3 years ago

    I think very few people can actually say they know for certain exactly what their purpose is. I can’t. What I can say is that by following my heart, I seem to have gotten on the path. It feels right anyway. The path for me is treating everyone I come in contact with, with respect, friendliness, a smile. I came into frequent contact with a woman who was in extreme poverty. I always smiled and greeted her. She told me one day that most people just brush past her and avoid eye contact. My smile and greeting made her feel that she was worth something. She made me feel like I was worth something with her wonderful compliment. So that’s where my heart is. Doing my best to be the reason someone sees the good in themselves and can still believe in the goodness in others. Follow your heart and your purpose will find you.

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